Athletic and musical Rotterdammers claim the Test Site.

Photo: Fred Ernst

Last Saturday’s Urban Boot Camp was proof positive that the Luchtsingel isn’t just a promenade from Rotterdam North to the Centre – it’s far more than that! The intensive urban athletics Boot Camp is usually held in a park, but this time Test Site Rotterdam offered the ultimate sports challenge – a grueling course of urban obstacles. The tables and containers of Biergarten Rotterdam became an urban jungle and the Luchtsingel doubled as sprinting track.

On Sunday, the Summer Programme of Sculpture International Rotterdam brought music to the Test Site too. In the sound sculpture ‘Rolling 6’ by performance artist Toine Horvers, two groups of four drummers departed from Central Station and the Hofbogen at twelve noon. Every other minute, they moved precisely one meter closer together. By 18.00, the two drumming bands passed each other at the Biergarten, and managed to reach their respective destinations, at either end of the 720-meter-long Luchtsingel, by the stroke midnight.