Making City

Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

20.04.12 - 12.08.12

Location: Netherlands Architecture Institute (Gallery 1), Rotterdam

The exhibition Making City has ended.

‘Making City’ is a manifesto for the city as opportunity and potential. All over the world, unceasing urbanisation is presenting huge social, economic and ecological challenges. It must therefore be the city that provides the answers, and that is only possible if we make and organise that city in a different way. ‘Making City’ showcases those possibilities, with a whole range of scenarios for life in the city, propelled by innovative and ever-evolving alliances of designers, administrators, planners, developers and residents. Together they are building the city of the future. Follow this thrilling journey en route to the city of tomorrow, a spectacular presentation designed by Kossmann.dejong.


curator representing the International Curator Team of the 5th IABR: Making City
Joachim Declerck (Architecture Workroom Brussels, Belgium)


project management
IABR, with the Netherlands Architecture Institute