Producing the Contemporary City

24 May - 2 September 2007
Curator Berlage Institute

The curator of the third IABR is the Berlage Institute. Director of Studies Vedran Mimica, assistant professor Joachim Declerck and guest curator Rients Dijkstra, more specifically, play an important part.

Image: Berlage Institute 


The Berlage Institute was founded in 1990 and is the internationally renowned postgraduate teaching institute for architects and urban planners.


The institute collaborates with leading teaching institutes both home and abroad. It is an experimental laboratory in which students can further increase and deepen their knowledge of architecture. It focuses mainly on social and cultural issues, and it encourages a critical attitude towards current practice. The Institute regularly organises lectures, student presentations and presentations of realized projects.


Curator Berlage Instituut

Vedran Mimica, onderwijsdirecteur

Joachim Declerck, assistent professor

Rients Dijkstra, gastcurator en directeur Maxwan


Postal address:

Berlage Institute

Postbus 21592

3001 AN Rotterdam



Berlage Institute

Botersloot 25

3011 HE Rotterdam

the Netherlands

T: 010-403039

F: 010-4030390

E: info@berlage-institute.nl


For more information about the Berlage Institute, visit www.berlage-institute.nl 


"The city of the 21st century can be seen here in Carácas."

(Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner in Carácas. The Informal City, 2007)