Curator Team

Each edition of the IABR is headed by a curator. In 2009 an international Curator Team was assembled for the 5th IABR: Making City.

Henk Ovink
Director of National Spatial Planning for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Joachim Declerck
Architecture Workroom, Brussel

local curators
Elma van Boxel, Kristian Koreman
ZUS, Rotterdam

Fernando de Mello Franco, Marta Moreira, Milton Braga
MMBB, São Paulo

Asu Aksoy
Bilgi University, Istanbul

George Brugmans
Director IABR, Rotterdam

(Photo: George Brugmans, Asu Askoy, Joachim Declerck, Henk Ovink, Kristian Koreman, Fernando de Mello Franco, Elma van Boxel)