Producing the Contemporary City

24 May - 2 September 2007

PowerNotes #09

Visionary Power and

The New Dutch City

exhibitions run until

2 september in De Kunsthal

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Biennale director George Brugmans on this and the next biennale edition




Biennale film on Caracas opens Architect Africa Film Festival in Johannesburg

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PowerTalks and  documentaries on the city online

A selection of documentaries on the city as well as the lectures by Keller Easterling, Winy Maas, Peter Bishop and Arjun Appadurai can be seen

at Hollanddoc




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"Power lies in the hands of the solemnly veiled and invisible. . . in order for us to deal with it, we have to unmask and expose those that are hidden, those that hold the power. Power requires transparency. (Solam Mkhabela, 2007)