Producing the Contemporary City

24 May - 2 September 2007
Biennale Film on Caracas opens AAFF in Johannesburg

On August 16 "Caracas: The Informal City" successfully opened the Architect Africa Film Festival in Johannesburg, SA.

The film, directed by Rob Schröder, was commissioned by the Architecture Biennale and co-produced with VPRO/Backlight and UTT Caracas. After the screenings in Johannesburg the Festival will travel to two other South-African cities: Durban and Cape Town. 


"Caracas: The Informal City" was also screened in Kliptown, a suburb of the former black township of Soweto.




Kliptown pictures by George Brugmans 



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"In the USA alone, well over 3 million acres of open land are lost each year to suburbanisation" (Kenneth Frampton in Producing The Contemporary City, 2007)