Vrijdagmiddagkaffee (film)

Locatie: De Dépendance (Schieblock), Test Site Rotterdam

Making City Film Kaffee met Victor Vroegindeweij

The Last train Home
Every spring, China's cities are plunged into chaos as 130 million migrant workers travel back to their home villages for the New Year's holiday. This mass exodus is the world's largest human migration, an epic spectacle that exposes a nation tragically caught between its rural past and industrial future.
Working over several years in classic cinéma vérité style, director Lixin Fan travelled with one couple who have embarked on this annual trek for almost two decades. Like many of China's rural poor, the Zhangs have left their native village of Huilong in Sichuan province and their newborn daughter to find work in Guangzhou in a garment factory for 16 years and see her only once a year during the Spring Festival. Their daughter Qin, now a restless and rebellious teenager- bitterly resents her parents' absence and longs for her own freedom away from school and her rural hometown, much to the dismay of her parents. She eventually leaves school, against the wishes of her parents, to work in the city. Emotionally charged and starkly beautiful, Last Train Home examines one fractured family to shed light on the human cost of China's ascendence as an economic superpower.
In a March 2010 follow-up interview, director Lixin Fan reveals that the Zhangs are still working in the factory and Qin telephoned, but did not visit, for the New Year.[1] More recently, in September 2011, Fan said that Qin was now a student in Beijing, and that while Qin's mother is back on the farm, her father still works at the factory.

Tijd: 17.00 – 19.00 uur 
Voertaal: Nederlands
Toegang: Gratis

De Vrijdagmiddagkaffees vinden elke vrijdag plaats van 27 april tot en met 17 augustus.

De input voor de Vrijdagmiddagkaffees wordt aangeleverd door AIR, gemeente Rotterdam, EDBR/Rotterdamse Nieuwe, Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, ArchiNed, de Cultuurscouts, VPRO en Rotterdams beste plaatjesdraaiers.